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ZIM is the right tool when more than one person in the company manages incidents, or when more advanced functionality, like cost tracking or automatic email messaging, is required. ZIM includes:

  • ZIM Adaptation Manual, which describes:
    • How to map your adaptation needs.
    • What information needs to be collected.
    • Which fields can be modified, and how to modify them.
    • Best practices to define processes and incident categories.
  • ZIM Supervisors Manual
  • ZIM Users Manual

ZIM is the best choice when a company plans to do all the adaptation work internally. ZIM is our basic multi-user incident management tool, and comes without adaptation or customization by Zylin. Zylin also offers adaptation and customization services, and extended support contracts. For more information, see ZIM PLUS.


  • Support for multiple users
  • Incident management
    • Assign incidents to case workers based upon roles, or assign them directly to an individual case worker
    • Send out email to the person responsible for an incident and send email to those reporting the incident when the incident is closed
    • Other types of email, e.g. expiration warnings
  • Incident and cost reports with advanced tools for setting up reports and selections. Configured reports can be saved under a single user or globally such that everybody can run the configured report against current data
  • Organization of incidents based upon department or project. Responsibility can be assigned for people internal and external to the organization.
  • Registering costs and time spent on an incident.
  • Adaptation for a customer is mainly done via the web interface. This can be names of processes, role membership, choice of compulsory fields, etc.
  • Zylin also offers a standard adaptation package, and completely custom solutions. Custom solutions can include integration with existing systems, conversion of existing data, or other special requirements and services.

ZIM is the perfect tool for project and construction managers!

ZIM Demo is free, so you can review the user interface today!

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